About The Bubble 3D

Not rated
Year Released:
Science Fiction

The Bubble is a science-fiction spine-tingler that shocked audiences and revolutionized the cinematic world of 3-D. The eye-popping thrills and chills begin when a plane carrying pregnant Catherine (Deborah Walley) and her husband Mark (Michael Cole) is forced to land in a mysterious remote town. The townspeople are quite strange, indeed: they repeat certain phrases and movements ceaselessly and stagger through the streets like brain-dead automatons. Then there is an even more terrifying discovery—the zombie inhabitants live under an impenetrable dome, trapped like insects in a jar. Can Catherine, Mark, and their newborn baby escape The Bubble, or will they become mindless drones trapped in a human zoo? The Bubble introduced the ground-breaking Space-Vision 3-D system, which pioneered a new way of both shooting and exhibiting 3-D film. These single-strip 35mm stereoscopic techniques were used in almost all major 3-D features for the next 30 years, making The Bubble not only a remarkable sci-fi thriller, but also an important milestone in the history of cinema. Restored from the 35mm negatives by the 3-D Film Archive. Contains mature content.

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