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A corrupt and flamboyant Atlantic City homicide cop, Rick Santoro (Nicolas Cage), reconnects with his childhood best friend, Kevin Dunne (Gary Sinise), at a prizefight between heavyweight boxing champion Lincoln Tyler and challenger José Pacifico Ruiz. Dunne, a U.S. Navy Commander, is escorting Defense Secretary Charles Kirkland to the fight. The match ends quickly when Ruiz knocks out Tyler, which is immediately followed by gunshots that take down Sec. Kirkland. Tyler “wakes up” as soon as he hears gunfire and locks eyes with Santoro, who instantaneously knows something is amiss when Tyler is not out cold. After watching the fight tape, Santoro realizes Ruiz’s punch never connected, and he begins to investigate the conspiracy he’s found himself a party to. Little by little, he peels through successive layers of corruption, interviewing key figures and discovering conflicting reports—leading him to confront himself and his own values. Contains mature content, including violence and strong language.

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