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In 2003, Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend ventured out into Katmai National Park in Alaska to weather the lean summer months with a horde of grizzlies, a trip they would not return from. Over the course of thirteen summer seasons with the grizzlies, Treadwell grew to believe that they had developed a kinship with him. The film considers the borderline instability and almost delusional faith that its subject has in the large, notoriously dangerous mammals, without straying far from the core of Treadwell’s well intentioned mission - to shed light on the precariousness of the grizzly bear’s existence. (35mm presentation)   Director Werner Herzog is scheduled to be present.   The film is sponsored by Themester, and the College of Arts and Sciences. This fall, Themester explores the theme of Good Behavior, Bad Behavior: Molecules to Morality. Films were chosen to complement Themester courses and contribute to our understanding of the possibilities and limits of distinguishing “good” from “bad” behavior; panel discussions with Themester faculty members will follow most screenings.

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