About Ultra-Low Budget Double Feature

Year Released:
Comedy, Horror
Two Feature Films for the Cost of a Car

Delve into a double-feature of ultra-low-budget filmmaking and see high quality stories told for the cost of a used car. Starting at 7:00 pm is The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (1:45), a parody of fantasy films and the adventure gaming community. The film is a hilarious romp through the world of sword and sorcery — in this case, a world of exploding peasants, giant house cats, and undead roast turkeys. Game on! This movie has not been rated, but it would likely earn a rating of PG-13 for some violence. (2K DCP presentation) The film will be followed by a brief videoconference Q&A with the filmmakers.

Starting at approximately 9:00 is Beverly Lane (1:08). Hell breaks loose...literally, at a metal fabricating company that is hosting a retirement party. The workers find themselves stuck with zombified clowns, magicians, and a mime, and must learn to survive with each other or die trying. This movie has not been rated, but it would probably earn a rating of R for strong language, innuendo, and violence. (2K DCP presentation)

Filmmakers will be present.

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