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U.S. Premiere Documentary from Monika Treut!

The screening is a fundraiser for Middle Way House and is sponsored by WE (Women Exposed), the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, Multicultural Affairs (NEMA), Cafe Django, East Asian Studies, Center For Sustainable Living, Ryder Film Series, Germanic Studies, and IU Cinema. Special thanks to Filiz Cicek for organizing the events.

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THE RAW AND THE COOKED is a documentary exploration of Taiwan’s rich culinary traditions and their relationship to the island’s unique culture. Taiwan has one of the best and most diverse cuisines in Asia, as food is the foremost passion of its 23 million inhabitants. Taiwan is also a densely populated island. Urbanisation is proceeding while agriculture is in decline. But, there is a growing movement for environmental protection. In our tour around the island’s coastal regions we seek out people who are making a difference with innovative projects to create a sustainable food system.

There will be a reception catered by Cafe Django in Bridgwater's Lounge, inside the Neal Marshall Black Cultural Center, following the film. Special thanks to NEMA and Cafe Django for the reception.

For more information on the film, you can download a press kit here.

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