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Hoyt Yeatman has over 25 years of experience in creating visual technology and producing stunning digital effects. Having worked on hundreds of feature films for Hollywood’s most prestigious studios and high profile producers, Yeatman’s visual genius has been used to create blockbusters such as Crimson Tide, The Rock, Armageddon and The Abyss, which he won an Oscar® for Best Achievement in Visual Effects.

Yeatman developed the live action/animation hybrid feature G-Force, which he went on to direct for Jerry Bruckheimer and The Walt Disney Company. The film debuted number one at the box office its opening weekend.

As a businessman, Yeatman co-founded Dream Quest Images, a prominent visual effects company. Dream Quest’s groundbreaking visual effects work was included in The Abyss and Total Recall, both of which earned the Company Academy Awards. Yeatman and team grew Dream Quest Images to over 300 employees and sold to the Walt Disney Company in 1996.

Yeatman last worked as the senior visual effects supervisor on the Bryan Singer film, Jack the Giant Killer where he utilized the most advanced technology in digital and stereo 3D effects, much of which was used for the first time on the production.

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