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“We’re all engaged in this farce called life” observes one of Federico Fellini's characters in his final film, The Voice of the Moon, which was never released in the United States. Roberto Benigni plays Feliini’s protagonist, a former mental patient who wanders wide-eyed through a world of dreamlike realities with his good friend Gonnella, a plump, aging actor, as they search for the meaning of life. Through their travels they encounter an array of bizarre characters whose origins lie in lunar myth and fantasy. This is a rare opportunity to see the final film from one of the world’s great filmmakers – one that baffled critics and bewildered audiences - the final dream of a dreamer. In Italian and Japanese languages with English subtitles. (35mm presentation)

Special thanks to LUCE CINECITTA and Mediaset for use of their 35mm print. Thanks also to John Ewing from the Cleveland Cinematheque.

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