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Horror, Thriller
The Shining, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, is like many of Kubrick’s films, instantly recognizable for his cinematic style. Set in the snowy mountains of Colorado, the film follows a family of three, Jack, Wendy and Danny their son, as they move to the remote Overlook Hotel, to act as caretakers for the closed winter season. Snowbound in this large, eerie location for a long time, Danny has psychic flashes of the violent past (and future) that the hotel holds, and the influence begins to have on his father. This iconic horror film can even be recognized by the pattern on the hotel’s carpets, a detail that would typically go unoticed, and has brought the phrases of “Here’s Johnny!” and “Redrum” prominently into pop culture.
(2K DCP presentation)

Also being screened at the Indiana University Cinema is the film Room 237. This documentary is about he making of The Shining and explores the hidden meanings within the film.

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