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Lecture format and details are forthcoming. Krzysztof Zanussi is considered one of Europe’s most renowned film authors, whose disciplined contemporary dramas focus on the moral choices and metaphysical questions in everyday life. His works are often described as intellectual and deeply philosophical. “My cinema above all comes from literature, and, in this sense, it becomes a kind of a human language. The idea of the visual component in film as dominant has always evoked my skepticism.”— Krzysztof Zanussi for Film magazine, 1992.

Beyond his artistic work, Mr. Zanussi has is the recipient of numerous distinctions, has taught at university film schools around the world, is a board member of European Film Academy, and also directs theatre— from Krakow and Bonn to Milan, Palermo, and Rome.

Special thanks to The Film Foundation, Milestone Films, Jędrzej Sabliński, Amy Heller and IU's Polish Studies Program.

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