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    Lecture format and details are forthcoming. George Chakiris started his film career in 1947 when he was 12 as part of the boys’ choir in Song of Love. In the 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story he played Bernardo, leader of the Latino “Sharks” gang, for which he won the Golden Globe® and Academy Award® for best supporting actor. His elegant dance style combined with his ability to play a tough character made for a fiery performance. His film career continued well into the 90s; in his later life he discovered a passion for jewelry design and created the George Chakiris Collection, which he continues to this day.

    His visit is sponsored by Collins Living Learning Center, College Arts and Humanities Institute, African American and African Diaspora Studies, Horizons of Knowledge, Departments of American Studies, Communication and Culture, Spanish and Portuguese, Latino Studies Program, Cultural Studies Program, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, International Studies Program, La Casa, Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance, and IU Cinema. Special thanks to Yara and Ysabel Clüver.

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