About Sprout Shorts Program

In celebration of Disability Awareness month, IU Cinema, Stone Belt Arc and Sprout Film Festival invite you to experience a short film and video program related to the field of developmental disabilities.

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People with developmental disabilities as subjects and performers remain marginalized in the media. The Sprout Film Festival aims to raise their profile by showcasing works of all genres featuring this population. By presenting films of artistry and intellect, the festival hopes to reinforce accurate portrayals of people with developmental disabilities and expose the general public to important issues facing this population. The goal is an enjoyable and enlightening experience that will help break down stereotypes, promoting a greater acceptance of differences and awareness of similarities.

The Program includes: Against the Fence – The Riley Campbell Story (2011)
USA, 19 minutes, documentary

3:15 to Brunswick (2013)
Australia, 3 minutes, dance, documentary

Breaking Boundaries: The Art of Alex Masket (2009)
USA, 18 minutes, documentary

Dancing with Downs (2009)
Spain, 8 minutes, documentary

The Ups of Downs (2002)
UK, 10 minutes, documentary

Recycling of Souls (2011)
Poland, 5 minutes, documentary

One Question (2011)
USA, 8 minutes, documentary

Rainman goes to Rockwiz (2010)
Australia, 30 minutes, documentary

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