About 2015 Crimson Film Festival

Back for its third year in a row, the Crimson Film Festival celebrates the work of Indiana University students and regional filmmakers each fall. It is put on by the Student Cinema Guild, an organization where all Indiana University Bloomington students can collaborate to gain the experience and preparation they need to work in the entertainment industry. Students write, direct, produce and showcase their films and work together to learn and grow as media creators. SCG provides the support, equipment, monthly workshops and networking sessions for members. Weekly meetings take place Thursdays at 8 pm in IU Radio-TV 251.

2015 Crimson Film Festival line-up

Such is Life
Directed by Jacob Shorr
Death struggles with the perils of friendship.

Tree of Life
Directed by Ben Tamir
A documentary about the art project “Tree of Life”.

Directed by Alexander Zorn
TO DO examines the anxieties of everyday personal domestic labor in the vain of maintaining a lifestyle.

The Mystery
Directed by Hunter Huddleston
A retired man attempts to become a writer.

Directed by Anna Legge
"Siri, it's your time to go."

The Beet
Directed by Corey Deogracias, Gabriel Xu, Hannah Griggs
The idea is inspired by popular TV sitcom Breaking Bad. Instead of drug dealing, we make a surreal vision by making the theme to healthy food against junkie food.

Oliver Winery
Directed by Savannah Perkins
Go behind the scenes of Oliver Winery and learn about what makes them one of the best and biggest wineries in Indiana.

Color Blind
Directed by Anna Legge
"I just really wish I knew what it was like to see color."

Merry Meringues
Directed by Alexander Zorn
Watch as Milly makes one of our favorite Holiday Recipes, Peppermint Meringues!

Lonely Orbits
Directed by Joshua Byron
A student learns several things about himself and others throughout a day.

Directed by Alexander Zorn
Emerald is a young French girl seeking the answer to life's greatest question: what do you do when you're bored?

AutoCorrect: A Textual Epidemic
Directed by Lindsey Rogers & Anna Legge
A satirical mockumentary about the perils of Autocorrect.

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