About Trailer Fest Film Festival 2016

Year Released:
Entering its second season, the Trailer Fest Film Festival showcases mock/fake movie or television trailers that use superb storytelling and a three-minute time limit to tell an effective story. Submissions may be humorous, scary, dramatic, ironic, iconic, artistic, or emotional as long as they are entertaining. Entries originate from all over the world and right here in Bloomington, Ind. This screening is sponsored by Roller Mortis Films, Vintage Phoenix Comic Books, Hopscotch Coffee, and IU Cinema. (HD Presentation)   Program includes the following categories and films:   Category: 18 and Under The Sound of a Motor
Directed by Gerry Orz
La Puente, CA

Directed by Mehrdad Parvani

Andy’s Ghost
Directed by Robbie Gonyea
Bloomington, IN

  Category: Drama The Queen
Directed by Hugo Teugels

A Safe
Directed by Maria Antonova
Russian Federation

My Summer at Queen’s Bay
Directed by Shayne Kasai

Directed by Connor Young
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

Only the Night
Directed by Anthony Miller

P.U.L.S.E. – Prosocial Uniting Life Stabilization Experiment
Directed by Patrick Templin
Hamburg, Germany

Who is the Superhero?
Directed by Antonino Valvo
Milan, Italy

  Category: Horror The Reds The Whites and the Dead
Directed by Ivan Lopatin
Russian Federation

Directed by Zazu Pitts
Rochester, NY

Straight Edge Kegger
Directed by Jason Zink
Lafayette, IN

Directed by Alexandru Barbu
London, England

The Eighth Victim
Directed by Christopher Green
Bloomington, IN

  Category: Sci-Fi The Cube
Directed by Nlyten Media
Olympia, WA

Diors Samurai
Directed by Tim and Zheng
Los Angeles, CA

Directed by Francesco Siro

Patient 62
Directed by Rick Anthony

  Category: Real Films (Non-Qualifying) Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey
Directed by Fede Ponce
Santa Monica, CA

Oblivion Season
Directed by Masoud Farjam
Tehran, Iran

Caihong City
Directed by Florina Titz
Brooklyn, NY

Bite Club
Directed by Kim Huynh


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