About Fall 2016 Student Films Showcase

Year Released:
Films in this program are curated from projects produced in courses across IU Bloomington. Approximate total running time is 97 min. (HD Presentation) Channel Surf [2:56]
Dir. Mat Whiteley

The characters of our fantasies must watch TV too right? Get a glimpse of the other side as a mystery person takes control of the television. Each channel entertains an idea, asks a question, echoes a sentiment, or simply exists. Regardless, this video is here for your eyes and ears (and the rest is up to you!). Performers: Mat Whiteley and Mary Needham. Contains some moderate language.

Terminated [4:24]
Dir. Lilah Taber

On a romantic picnic, Ben (Nate Sharkey) reveals a secret that could change his relationship with Vanessa (Amy Reader) forever. Written, directed, and produced by Lilah Taber.

The Hack [6:01]
Dir. Corey Deogracias

A science-fiction writer has one last chance to write the story of his dreams. Adapted, directed, and produced by Corey Deogracias.

Desire [2:05]
Dir. Cara Swakopf and Kyle Jenkins

A man and woman struggle to resist temptation.

Passed Down [2:51]
Dir. Rachel de Cuba

A personal exploration of the things one passes down between family members such as recipes, clothing, traits, and stories. Asking my parents their memories of their parents’ wedding presents details only told to them now being told to me who then tells the audience through the work.

White Bored [2:11]
Dir. Matt Williams

Stop-motion, clay-mation, and cartoon animation have always been close to my heart. Sitting down and doodling on a whiteboard for a few hours turned out to be more fulfilling than I thought.

Glucose [5:00]
Dir. Jeron Braxton

Sugar was the engine of the slave trade that brought millions of Africans to the Americas beginning in the early 16th century. Glucose is sweet, marketable, and easy to consume, but its surface satisfaction is a thin coating on the pain of many disenfranchised people.

Family Portrait [1:20]
Dir. James Hoffman

This film features instruments that live all over my house. They are like a big family.

The Dolly [2:12]
Dir. Emily Lovell

With fast cuts and scratches I wanted to eliminate the comfort of a story and make the audience to feel unsettled.

Dream Scars [5:04]
Dir. Chloë Buse

One woman's tragic situation, like a sea of others. Contains a few passages of high contrast flickering.

Psychic verses Psycho [6:57]
Dir. Kevin Carpenter, Kyah Hiers, and Xinhui Shi.

A fortuneteller must foresee how to get out of a bad situation when a killer forces her to prove her powers are real or die. Featuring Aidan Whelan, Tayler Fischer, and Kevin Carpenter.

Dance of Death [2:33]
Dir. Cara Swakopf

This black-and-white film uses dance as a visual metaphor to relate an encounter between past and present selves.

The Art of Flow [3:44]
Dir. Kyah Hiers

Discover the art and beauty of Flow with artists Mariel Rico and Teaghan Deibel.

Artist Profile: Kyli Walls [2:00]
Dir. Lilah Taber

A visit with painter Kyli Walls.

A Stupid Tree Frog Daughter May Kasahara’s Point of View Part 4 [4:10]
Dir. Greg Block

This piece features an audio reading of the chapter from Haruki Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle with still pictures and animations. Featuring Tess Cunningham as May Kasahara.

2 to 2 [2:46]
Dir. Vivek Bigelow

2 to 2 is a visual narrative about introspection, namely the sort of internal exploration a person goes through during periods of solitude. The imagery, colors, distortions, and hallucinations connect reality (the viewer) with the internal thoughts and feelings of the character.

Read Me [2:08]
Dir. Katie Crump

A mysterious note touches people's lives as it travels across campus.

Textures [1:50]
Dir. Maddie Aybar

Often when walking outside or in new spaces I focus on the textures around me, tempted to touch the unknown or re-experience the textures I enjoy. In this piece, I wanted to explore these textures through double exposure and see if they could evoke new temptations of touch or a new experience altogether. I put the visuals to one of my favorite songs, “Bless the Telephone” by Labi Siffre.

Empty Spaces [3:28]
Dir. Orlando Medrano

This video is about the familiarity of a space you shared with your lover that has been emptied by the harsh reality of a breakup. Everything that was shared between both of parties has been tainted with betrayal, lies, and heartache. The music represents a waltz of emotions that run through your mind as you wish that those days are once relived without the pain.

F.F.FALL.L [2:41]
Dir. Kurt Rohn

Double exposing on film gives you only one chance, there is no changing it. I walked through a street festival in Evansville, Ind., filming what caught my eye and rewinding by feel to double/triple/quadruple expose portions. I even filmed while rewinding and hand-cranked during the night portions making the light bend and dance.

Culture Shock [3:14]
Dir. Alex Bougher

An exploration of participating in a third culture in America, from single stereotype headlines to media representation. Actors: Berea Jurgensen, Caleb Farley, Adriana Gambirazio, and Dylan Williams.

Matilda Rose: Portrait of a Drag Queen [2:00]
Dir. Brooke Krause

A look behind the persona of drag queen, Matilda Rose. Featuring Payne Banister. Contains some strong language.

Making It [2:00]
Dir. Dexter Clardy

A look at the challenges and rewards of following the artist’s journey.

Bad Form [8:37]
Dir. Ethan Gill

A struggling theater student receives direction from their acting class instructor. Written and directed by Ethan Gill. Director of Photography: Bryce Ferendo.

An Empty Stage [3:00]
Dir. Sara Highers

This feature story focuses on actor, Kate Braun.

SNAP [12:33]
Dir. Rebecca Elena Banks

SNAP follows the life of a deaf man named Caleb combatting his physical disorder from the time of his birth to growth into adulthood. Directed and Written by Rebecca Elena Banks. Produced by Rebecca Elena Banks and Emelie Flower. Director(s) of Photography: Lorrell Williams and Andrew Andrew Torbenson.  

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