About 2016 Iris Film Festival

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The Iris Film Festival showcases innovative, inspired, and engaging films and videos in the short format, many of which originate from members of the Bloomington and Indiana University communities.  (HDCam Presentation)

The program includes:

watching her Director: Rose Harding 02:59 min. A girl dances in white room wearing headphones. Her back is turned to the audience and she is wearing headphones, not giving the audience access to her euphoria. The film was made on a Macbook computer using its camera, mimicking tools of consumer culture while simultaneously affirming the power of the individual to control how she is seen.

Follies - Amongst Silhouettes Directed by Brandon Walsh 05:04 min. An experimental music video for the Bloomington, IN-based solo project Follies, inspired by the editing techniques of Martin Arnold.

Spider Directed by Christopher Green 08:30 min. A local street grifter sets out for a hard day's work.

Human Body and How it Works Directed by Matt Lutz 01:00 min. A contemplation of general education, its tedium, and its relation to us.

(Im)paired Part 1 Directed by Marie Richardson 01:21 min. An improvisational dance inspired by the topic of illness and identity, this experimental video includes 22 unique prints created by photo etching. The prints freeze time and reveal the organs and disease within the body.

Pedestrian Directed by Joshua Krathwohl 06:09 min. A hook up goes awry and turns into a discussion about religion.

Unbeknownst to the Participants at Hand (Part III)   Directed by Sarah Dunevant 05:23 min. A music video created for Bloomington, IN-based experimental music composer/performer Drekka that uses video to in a way that mimics the layers and fragmentary nature of Drekka’s music.

Landscapes of His Identity Directed by Julide Etem 07:17 min. An ethnographic film that explores the layers of memory of Hasan, a graduate student at Indiana University, from Turkey to Bloomington.

Farmingdale, NJ Directed by Brandon Walsh with music by Andrew Bird 03:30 min. A found footage exploration made for the memory of the filmmaker’s grandfather, this piece draws from familial found footage shot in 1966-7 in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

Sneeze Directed by Yunjin Woo 05:11 min. Sneeze explores the involuntary expulsion of air and bodily fluid as an allegory of social ruptures that might mediate infectious resistance. 

A Commercial Directed by Liz Clayton Scofield 01:30 min. Experimenting with generating value for their identity, body, and narrative, artist Liz Clayton Scofield’s A Commercial comes from an interest in what does or does not have social or cultural value in our society.

Self Portrait Directed by Emelie Flower and Ian Coles-Ketcham 06:56 min. A brief look at artist Ian Coles-Ketcham, as he speaks of his creative and personal past, present, and future.

Losing Sleep - People in Glasshouses Sink Ships Directed by Eric Ayotte 03:20 min. A music video for the UK-based band Losing Sleep filmed in several locations around Bloomington, IN.

Intimate Constraints Directed by Eri Rolland Exploring the constraints of sexuality and sexual intimacy, Intimate Constraints exposes ingrained foundations of guilt and confinement associated with intimate interaction through visual representation.

Mer Depré Directed by Margaret Orr 06:08 min. A journey through the mind of a depressed individual.

Corn Federation Directed by Patrick Stefaniak, Liz Clayton Scofield, and Cassie Harner 01:03 min. You are what you eat and everything is corn. A stop-motion animation by HSSaLPaCaHSS.

Progeny Directed by Jeremiah Kipp 10:00 min. After a woman awakens in a terrifying setting, she begins seeking companionship but, as the film unfolds, a sinister pattern is revealed. Progeny is a beautifully shot, terrifying exploration of lust and hunger.

Barry Townes Directed by Eric Ayotte 01:04 min. Barry Townes is an everyday kind of guy.

The 10th annual Iris Film Festival is presented by the Cinema and Media Studies in the Media School.

Festival Director: Russell Sheaffer Programmers: Jamie Hook, Eric Zobel, and Heather Sheaffer

Awards: Best Narrative Film Best Documentary Film Best Experimental Film

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