About The Media School Advanced Production Workshop: Short Films Student Showcase (2016)

Year Released:
All tickets have been distributed for this screening. IU Cinema will recognize a standby line at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 30, and seat patrons as space is available. Patrons with tickets must be seated by 2:55 p.m. to be guaranteed a seat. This program is a showcase of work produced by students in the yearlong production course: MSCH-P 436 Advanced Production Workshop: Short Film.

The full screening program is as follows:

A Clown Named Vernon
Directed by Mike Blomquist
12 min.
"A Clown Named Vernon" is a short romantic comedy about a depressed but charming party clown who falls in love with a beautiful young magician at a child's birthday party. As Vernon details the relationship through flashbacks, he comes to understand that Roxanne taught him how to take his own life seriously and how to truly love another person.

Directed by Tyler Carrell
14 min.
"Paperboy" is a warning to all those who tend to over-commit. Early mornings and late nights can take their toll on the body and mind; they certainly will for Charlie.

Jazz Talk Radio
Directed by Robbie Rittman
15 min.

Directed by Shawn Keller
16 min.
When faced with a real life challenge, Anna discovers who her real family is.

Directed by Jordan Morning
9 min.
Easily distracted by minor interruptions, Samantha struggles with zoning out while talking to her friends. These mistakes turn costly once she refuses to follow the advice of a homeless man.

Worry Box
Directed by Jia Wei
10 min.

Directed by Alex Crouch
10 min.
Emma, a college senior, wakes up and finds a different version of herself staring back in the mirror. As she tries to figure what this means she seeks the advice of her closest friend and mother.

Directed by Emelie Flower
11 min.
When the lives of two strangers come together, they learn that family is what you make it.

The Messes We've Made
Directed by Ciara Doll
10 min.
"The Messes We've Made" explores the dynamic of two sisters who struggle to reconnect after the death of their mother and a struggle with addiction tears them apart. Annie Mendes has spent her life living by the rules, but she is left alone to face her chaotic sister Rachel the two must confront their issues and seek common ground to rebuild their relationship.

Directed by Ashley Chambers
17 min.
When Scarlett, a convenience store clerk with a troubled past learns she's become pregnant she begins to see the cyclical.

Directed by Andrew Sims
15 min.
"Fireflies" is the story of Clark and Raf, two friends whose paths cross again after recent heartbreaks, when they need each other the most. The two wonder at life's big questions: purpose, love, and of course, the fireflies.

One Night
Directed by Lydia Smyth
17 min.

Directed by Matthew Brezina
A survivor of a sex trafficking operation is conflicted with what is right and wrong as she decides the fate of those who decided hers.

Directed by Taylor Prugh
13 min.

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