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Due to unforeseen circumstances, filmmaker Franco Maresco is unable to attend screenings of his films at Indiana University Cinema this April, as previously scheduled. Though we are disappointed that he will not be in attendance, we are excited to still be able to share his work with our audiences. Producer Rean Mazzone, from Ila Palma–Dream Film, will still be present for question-and-answer sessions after each screening.

Io sono Tony Scott, recounts the private and artistic life of Tony Scott. In the first part of the documentary, in the U.S., the facts about Scott’s artistic cooperation and strong friendship with Charlie “Bird” Parker and Billie Holiday are told, emphasizing Scott’s extraordinary talent as an experimenter and a virtuoso of jazz clarinet. During a trip to Indonesia, Tony was mistaken for a spy and, consequently, detained and possibly tortured. Later in the film, it is suggested that this experience haunted him for the rest of his life and, perhaps, was the cause for the paranoid attitude he showed at times. The second part takes place in Italy, where he lived in considerable poverty and where he died in 2007, after a long illness. In Italian with English subtitles. (DigiBeta Presentation)

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