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The Middle Coast Film Festival is now entering its third year as an international film festival, right here in Bloomington, Ind. This program of short films is comprised of audience favorites and the juried panel winners, including best actor in a short and a grandprize-winning short. The program block also includes a few episodes of an award-winning web series. See what you missed last summer, and get ready for this year's fest, which takes place July 29-30. For more information, visit   The full screening program is as follows:   THE FUTURE PERFECT (2014) Directed by Nick Citton Canada, 12 min. Somewhere between then and now, a time traveler defies his orders, and compromises a future he cannot un-learn.   OH LUCY! (2014) Directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi Japan, 21 min. Setsuko, a 55-year-old single 'office lady' in Tokyo, is given a blonde wig and a new identity, “Lucy,” by her young unconventional English instructor. “Lucy” awakens desires Setsuko never knew she had. When the instructor suddenly disappears, Setsuko must come to terms with what remains–herself.   BEAR (2013) Directed by Pascal Flörks Germany, 9 min. My grandpa’s past was always very present. It would break through in something he’d say or do, but he’d never talk about it. Only now, by revisiting his life and personality as I knew him, do I feel the weight of his inheritance.   ONE MINDED (2013) Directed by Forest Ian Etsler and Sebastien Simon South Korea, 21 min. Shenanigans occur in an apartment shared by two young Korean women when one brings home a man that she picked up from a club and two thieves enter the apartment. Meanwhile a fan oscillates and observes.   GO F**K YOURSELF OLIVER (2014) Directed by John Yost U.S., 10 min. Oliver is just having the worst day.   WEEKEND PLANS (2015) WEB SERIES Directed by Ronald Short U.S. “B.B.Q Tony,” 7 min. “Poop Butt Ninja,” 4 min. “Chicken Biscuits,” 7 min. Most programming contains mature content and is not suitable for children younger than 17. (Digital Presentation)

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