About Fall 2017 Student Films Showcase

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Films in this program are curated from projects in courses across Indiana University–Bloomington. (HD Presentation)

Bucket List (5:02)
By Dan Hicks, Blake Schwarz, Calvin Kim, Cloud Tsai
A mysterious package is left at a door; in it a journal called “The Ultimate Bucket List.” A quest ensues.

The Spoon (4:05)
Directed by Brock Spitaels
A young man begins his day like any other, when he encounters a mysterious presence in the next room.

The Art of Painting (3:00)
Produced by Hector Perez
A behind the canvas look at painter Mimi Pinnow.

In the Stacks (2:40)
Directed by Kasey Poracky
A young woman sets out to study in the library. There is no one around—or is there?

B-Line Symphony (3:00)
By Dylan Burrus, Peter Gianakakis, Ricky Romanek, and Clemente Tirado
This film captures the sights of Bloomington’s B-Line trail.

My Entire Life is Skateboarding (2:00)
Produced by Zachary Zurcher
This feature story explores Jacob Frantz and his passion for skateboarding.

Wells Library (2:40)
Directed by Brock Spitaels
A short visual study of the Herman B Wells Library that was shot on one roll of 16mm film.

Caligari Revisited (4:02)
By Lucia Corres-Saria, Chloë Buse, Ben Jeatran, and Charlie Orzeske
A woman and a monster escape from a book in the Wells Library in this story inspired by the German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

A Walk in the Woods (3:51)
Directed by Sara Highers
A young hiker is anxious to get away from the real world and her everyday responsibilities. Her trip through forest takes a surprising turn.

Watching You (2:03)
Directed by Solomon Zivot
Have you ever noticed that something suddenly felt off? That you were being watched? Features Tovah Zivot and Mary-Frances Stuff.

The Uke Tones (3:00)
Produced by Nathan Kohlmeier
Ukulele music is uplifting and so is this short feature on The UkeTones, with Susan Sandberg, Ellen Campbell and Kathy Romy.

Girl (2:30)
Produced by Haley Semian
This video juxtaposes a seemingly plain girl “in real life” with how she expresses her sexuality when alone.

Keeping the Back Door Open (3:00)
Produced by Baxter McCory
Visit Bloomington’s favorite unicorn sanctuary and nightclub in Baxter McCory’s feature story on The Back Door, with co-owners Nicci B and Smoove G.

Balance (3:43)
Produced by Kasey Poracky
Kasey’s love of dance and the human form is apparent in her art video, which features artists Kelsey Thetonia and Jessica Bare. Filmed at Wild Orchid Studios.

Her Story (3:01)
By Leah Dajches, Rebekah Gabbard, Bristal Hadley-Mautino, and Christopher Neidlinger
This film serves as an appeal for gender equality and features a remixed voiceover of Emma Watson’s 2014 United Nations speech.

Are We All The Same? (2:53)
Written, Directed, and Produced by Adam Rasjid
Aftermath of a small Muslim town after a conflict between two groups of Muslims with different beliefs.
*This video may contain graphic violence*

Artists Profiles: John Winninger (3:00)
Produced by Sydney Winninger
This short biopic captures my father’s love of cello and a glimpse into his musical upbringing.

Dunes: A Love Story (2:43)
Written, Directed, and Produced by Maria Soscia
A film about saying goodbye.

Fine (4:56)
Produced by Jordyn Alexander (writer), Mitchell Wampler, and Jenna Comins-Addis
This short dramatic piece takes us inside the mind of a young woman struggling with anxiety.,with Bridget Murray as Emma.

Slasher (2:08)
Written, Directed, and Produced by Maria Soscia
A woman is decapitated by a deranged killer.
*Contains graphic violence*

Desiderata (2:30)
Produced by Jordyn Alexander
Max Ehrmann’s poem, “Desiderata”, is brought to life using stop-motion animation and a soundtrack voiced by Todd Alexander, the filmmaker’s father.

Campus Symphony (3:01)
By Kristen Braselton, Graeme Martin, and Andrew Torbenson
A visual tour through the Bloomington campus.

Special Thanks to: Susanne Schwibs, Jim Krause, Craig Erpelding, Arthur Liou, Chris Eller, Jon Vickers, Brittany D. Friesner, Barbara Grassia, Jessica Davis Tagg, Carla Cowden, Caitlyn Stevens, and Kyle Calvert.

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