About 2017 Iris Film Festival

Year Released:
The Iris Film Festival showcases innovative, inspired, and engaging films and videos in the short format, many of which originate from members of the Bloomington and Indiana University communities. The festival provides a venue for students to showcase their talent, as well as celebrate the great film and video work created by independent filmmakers in the Bloomington community. This screening is sponsored by The Media School and IU Cinema. (HD Presentation)

The program includes: Thunderstorm
Director: Matt Lutz
0:30 mins.

An articulation of a thunderstorm that is visually loose but familiar.

Lost Dog
Director: Hunter Huddleston
5:00 mins.
A boy covers his town with flyers about his lost dog.

Director: Colin Denhart
7:15 mins.
Experimental short film about a young woman who awakes in a mysterious woods and discovers she is trapped in a time loop.

Cold, Dark World
Director: Grant Mitchell
3:42 mins.
After getting his guitar stolen, a man goes to extreme lengths to retrieve it.

Southern Gothic
Director: Cara Reed
4:00 mins.
A minister in 1930s Carolina attempts to cure his mentally ill daughter with an exorcism.

On Surgery
Directors: Russell Sheaffer & Aaron Smith
7:36 mins.
On Surgery is an attempt at replicating the physical process of bone surgery on the body of 16mm film stock. By wetting raw, unprocessed 16mm color negative film, separating out the photosensitive emulsion from the base of the film using a medical scalpel, and then reapplying the layers, the only images visible are representative of the scars left on the film.

Director: Rob Sherrell
5:51 mins.
Headphones is a short film with a revised take on a familiar method many people use to cope with having anxiety -- by getting lost in their headphones.

Prank You Very Much
Director: Eric Ayotte
2:30 mins.
Sometimes you just have to prank your roommate.

Western Segment
Director: Matt Lutz
7:19 mins.
Tension grows as a group of dispassionate cowboy outlaws idly contemplate action and purpose.

Body Love
Director: Katherine Crump
3:09 mins.
Taking inspiration from and using Mary Lambert's deeply important piece entitled Body Love, I created this short film about the boxes we are put into as women, and how we find our way out of them.

Beat the Cave
Director: Joel Chapman
3:56 mins.
A frustrated soul seeks escape by venturing into the dark abyss.

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