About Chile, Obstinate Memory

Year Released:
Patricio Guzmán’s visit has been postponed. New dates have not been determined. He will not be present at any April events. Patricio Guzmán returns to Chile after 25 years, bringing with him a print of The Battle of Chile. Although his landmark documentary had toured the world, it was never seen in Chile itself. The memory of those times was largely barred from the collective consciousness of the Chilean people, and a generation grew up with little historical knowledge of Allende’s “Popular Unity” government, or the military coup that ended it. While survivors reminisce, the younger generation react with a state of shock. Their confusion is palpable. In Spanish with English subtitles. (DigiBeta Presentation)

This film series is sponsored by Andrew Mellon Foundation and hosted by the Center for Documentary Research and Practice with support from IU Cinema, The Media School, the Black Film Center/Archive, the College Arts and Humanities Institute, IU Libraries Moving Image Archive, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

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