About Spring 2017 Student Films Showcase

Year Released:
Films in this program are curated from projects produced in courses across Indiana University–Bloomington.

Go All the Way (2:25)
Dir. Zach Cohen
This is a film for people who have a dream or a goal that they are working towards. There are frustrations and anxieties along the path but it is important to remember you need to “go all the way” in order to truly be successful and fulfilled.

One-Take (2:25)
Dir. Austin Brady
Filmmakers have long sought to capture the essence and personality of real life through the medium of the two-dimensional object of film. Taking inspiration from Warhol’s Screen Tests, I opted to use the camera in motion, opposed to the static point of view in the original.

To Fill Her Soul (3:00)
Dir. Jeremy Tatara
This feature story explores singer/songwriter Grace Minnick and her passion for music.

3rd Wheel (5:54)
Dir. Ethan Fields and Zev Orenstein
What happens when you can’t hear your talking car but someone else can? 3rd Wheel offers one possibility.

Learn to Live Yourself!: Love to Learn to Live Life - A Guide to the Keys of Successful Lives (8:41)
Dir. Sean Albert
Decadence in the digital age. A hollow trash mountain.

The Delivery Boy (4:00)
Dir. Jacob Schorr
In order to settle a debt, a naive young Uber driver accepts a job trafficking a mysterious package disguised as a birthday present. Contains graphic violence. 

Everybody’s a Good Dog (3:00)
Dir. Ethan Fields
Musician Diane Coffee (Shawn Flemming) talks about his beginnings and how he got to where he is.

Static (2:25)
Dir. Aaron Shafer
This piece is about experiencing external conflicts and trying to find a solution.

Nonsense (4:20)
Dir. Bryce Ferendo
A mad scientist plans to travel back in time for a peculiar reason in this ode to the early science-fiction blockbusters. Cinematography by Zach Watt, Ethan Gill; produced by Brittany Berg, Bryce Ferendo.

Artsmith (3:00)
Dir. Kira Yelinek
In this interview with metalsmith Shawn Lopez we learn about his interests, past projects, and his favorite things about working with metals.

Present/Past (2:57)
Dir. Lucia Corres
A man and a woman live in the same apartment, eight years apart. She lives in the past (2008), and he lives in the present. Though they live by themselves, their lives seem intertwined in a mysterious and romantic way.

Why are you wearing a mask? (4:03)
Dir. Eric Sang Koo Suh
Everyone is trapped in their own cage wearing a mask, hiding their own selves to others. We all struggle to pull off our masks at one point but accepting masked selves is just way too easy.

Campus Brotha (4:00)
Dir. Rob Sherrell
A short film about the trouble that comes with the expression of Blackness on the campus of a predominantly white institution.

Body Love (3:00)
Dir. Katherine Crump
This project uses testimonials, dance, and music to look at how our society views and judges women.

Food (1:58)
Dir. Leah Dajches
Food is sexy. When prepared and served in the right setting with the right ingredients, this can create a beautiful visual of decadence. This experimental film looks at how easily an image of something trivial can be manipulated to be pleasurable.

Burnt Weenie Tortilla Wrap (3:03)
Dir. Greg Eismin
Inspired by Frank Zappa, this video provides a slightly different recipe for a classic dish.

Rockits (2:44)
Dir. Austin Brady and Lee Robinson

Poultrygeist (4:00)
Dir. Robbie Rittman
A young man awakens to strange noises in his supposedly empty home ...

The Beautiful American (1:51)
Dir. Greg Eismin
In this feature story we learn about Kanchira Chantamanee, her basket bicycle, and her previous home she left for Bloomington.

Snap (3:51)
Dir. Maddie Aybar
Enthralled with a memory of her ex-girlfriend, Lily realizes that her ex is standing just a few feet away.

Wash (2:00)
Dir. Mimi Pinnow
Wash is a video made up of familiar or nostalgic moments that sweep one into a meditative experience of light, sound, and color. There is room for the viewer to lose themselves in the video itself or to let their mind wander into memories and mental images.

Way Onto Way (9:01)
Dir. Adam Decker

Beat The Cave (3:57)
Dir. Chapman

Dangerous (3:21)
Dir. Deonna Weatherly
Features spoken-word artist Yusuf Agunbiade and dancers Lalah Hazelwood, Arika Casey, and Vajaun Savage.

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