About Fall 2018 Student Films Showcase

Not rated

Films in this showcase were made by students in The Media School and the School of Art, Architecture + Design, and Collins Living Learning Center.

Approximate total running time is 90 min.


Josh Mannis, Musician

(2:00, Drew Marsh)

This feature story focuses on Josh Mannis and provides insights into his music, creative process, and growth as a performing artist.


(3:17, Tayla Blewitt-Gray)

Using slicing, Look draws attention to motion and time. Taking time and changing the way we perceive it forces us to look at motion and shapes in a new and different way.

Southern Indiana Pride

(4:24, Sean Massura)

Spencer, Ind., is the unlikely home to one of the largest small-town Pride festivals in the Midwest. Sean Massura’s short documentary provides an up-close look at the festival, its participants, and significance.

My Body is a Vessel for Dreams and Nightmares

(2:51, Rena Johnson)

I love to explore themes of girlhood in my work and wanted to capture something more haunting, paranoid, and fragmented about these years of adolescence. This experimental short film was my first time shooting on film (Super 8) and stars my sister Sala. It has an original musical score by JP Garcia.

One in Five

(12:48, Madie Fletcher)

This film presents the victim’s point of view as it interviews female students about a startling statistic: one in five college women will be sexually assaulted while in college. Please note: This film deals with a mature subject matter.

Amongst the Trees

(2:40, Tayla Blewitt-Gray)

Taking a moment to breathe and just enjoy what is around you. Amongst the Trees is an immersive video experience that draws connections in nature.


(3:13, Amanda Hoover)

This film is for anybody who can relate to the idea of being bored with doing the same thing every day and wanting to escape.

Ace of Aviation: The Story of Captain Robert C. Hill

(3:28, David Hill)

Take to the skies in David Hill’s portrait of his father and his lifetime passion for flying.

Etched Imprinted

(3:00, Max McLinn)

This feature story focuses on artist Morgan Farrel and her process of printmaking.

No, No I’ll Stay Right Here

(3:17, Gavin Rowe)

A young man gets lost in dreams. This is what he was waiting for, so why would he want to leave?

Handcrafted in Brown County

(5:33, Kevin Olds)

This is the story of the Hard Truth Distilling Company, which is located in Brown County, Ind.


(5:54, Jeremy Tatara)

What happens in our head when we are about to die? This is a story about a woman realizing and accepting her own death.

Take a Walk

(8:58, Hanyu Hu)

This is a film about memory. Memory is not always accurate, but the good parts always make people smile.

Veganize Me

(11:07, Alyssa Woolard, Alexa Enoch, Sami Masaki)

Inspired by Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, we wanted to explore what it is like to eat a vegan diet for three weeks. Is it healthy, is it difficult, and can one find vegan alternatives on campus?

A Woman Knows Her Place

(1:14, Megan Searl)

A Woman Knows Her Place is a short film that critiques the gender roles set for women in the 1950s, based on a Housekeeping Monthly article called “The Good Wife’s Guide,” published May 13, 1955.

Wake Up

(2:44, Andrew Torbenson)

Wake Up is an experimental narrative about trying to fall asleep and eventually being fully immersed into a dream.

The Making of Not Too Late

(6:30, Martin Schecter, Deonna Weatherly, Aaron Guevara, Annalise Anderson, Emily Artus)

Not Too Late is a student-run late night show based on the campus of Indiana University–Bloomington. Everything from the latest news, funny sketches, special guests, and much more is to be expected from this show!

How Do You Like It?

(3:47, Hanyu Hu)

The idea for this film originated in an interesting cultural shock that I experienced living in the U.S. The question “how do you like it?” sounds very pushy in Chinese culture, but it is very common in English conversation. The subtitle and monologue occur in multiple languages to create humor in a phrase that fails to communicate its real meaning.

Don’t Mean Broken

(4:16, Andrew Torbensen)

This music video features Michael Bruner’s song “Don’t Mean Broken,” as well as Torbensen’s artful camera work.

Special Thanks to: Susanne Schwibs, Jim Krause, Craig Erpelding, Arthur Liou, Margaret Dolinsky, Jacky Comforty, Chris Eller, Jon Vickers, Brittany D. Friesner, Barbara Grassia, Seth Mutchler, Jessica Davis Tagg, Carla Cowden, Caitlyn Stevens, and Kyle Calvert

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