About Latinx Love Across Time and Space (Shorts Program)

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Directors Adelina Anthony, William Caballero, and Marvin Lemus are scheduled to be present. Presented primarily through comedy, the shorts in this program highlight how love transcends age, gender, and time. In Amigas with Benefits (10 min., Adelina Anthony), an elderly lesbian couple is excited about finally living their best lives, but an uninvited guest threatens their celebration. Presented in 3D-printed figurines, the main characters in Victor and Isolina (6 min., William Caballero) comically explain their lifelong and difficult love story. In Vámonos (12 min., Marvin Lemus), the protagonist struggles with grief after her girlfriend dies, striving to overcome homophobic hostilities to respectfully send her partner off into the afterlife. (HD Presentation)   Shorts program includes: Amigas with Benefits (10 min.) (2017) Directed by Adelina Anthony Victor & Isolina (6 min.) (2016) Directed by William Caballero Vámonos (12 min.) (2015) Directed by Marvin Lemus

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