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Films in this program are curated from projects produced in courses across Indiana University–Bloomington. (HD Presentation)


Let There Be Light (2:28) Directed by Ruth Riftin & McKenna Maxwell This film is an experiment with the usage of light. By manipulating contrast and continuity, we sought to illuminate the conversation that happens between the camera and light.

Goat Yoga (2:41) Directed by Kelly Obbie The Monroe County Humane Society discovers the popularity of mixing yoga with goats and horses.

The iPhone (2:32) Directed by Remy Bonett A boy receives a brand-new iPhone in the mail. Little does he know that he will be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Other Plans (7:52) Written & Directed by Tucker Curts Co-produced by Kasie Anitch & Jared Smith A young man finds himself lost in a new place—and an old city. Filmed on location in Prague.

Chimes of Indiana (2:00) Produced by Griffin Rushton This short profile of Rachel McCord takes us on a journey into the Student Building, where we are taken behind the scenes of the Chimes of Indiana.

Bloomington Ukelele Club (2:59) Directed by Hannah Miller Participants in the Bloomington Ukelele Club have ranged from four to 83 years old and have a variety of skill levels, but they all love getting together to sing songs.

Queens (3:40) Directed by Aaron Guevara Song by Caravan Palace This music video uses one extended take to capture a most unusual dinner party, while providing commentary on the superficiality of high society.

Andel (3:51) Directed by Chris Neidlinger & Emily Ward Produced by Peter Gianakakis Inspired by writer Ernst Hemingway, this film was created and cut to the beat of a metronome.

Lily and Violet (4:41) Directed by Noni Ford, Mandy Moser, and Kasey Poracky Violet wakes up on the day, the exact same date as her grandparent’s wedding. As the day goes on she can’t help but compare her circumstances to that of her grandmother, Lily.

Lighting the Way (3:33) Directed by Katie Thierwechter 22-year-old Andrew Goedde talks about the challenges of starting his own lighting production business, as well as his enjoyment working with his favorite artists.

Andree Portee (3:00) Produced by Mark Williams This feature story profiles photographer, Andree Portee, and provides insights into his approach to art.

Pretty (2:26) Produced by Amanda Kiefer Inspired by the poems of Rupi Kaur, Amanda Kiefer uses portraiture to explore a range of expressions of femininity.

Hoosier Proud (3:04) Directed by Caroline Hitchcock Hoosier Proud is an apparel business born out of a love for Indiana and a love between two high school sweethearts. See how Connor and Christa Hitchcock design, print, and ship more than 10,000 college apparel items out of their Broad Ripple home.

Sugary Sweet (7:33) Directed by Alex Webster, Sara Higher, and Madeleine Lovell Our protagonist stumbles across a small piece of candy, one of many placed around campus. It is enticing and he eats it, not knowing that he falls into a situation that he has no hope of escaping.

Decay (3:56) Produced by Connor Patrick Griffy Lake’s water treatment plant has been abandoned for years and is the backdrop for this art video, which explores what we experience when surrounded by what has been left behind.

One Take (1:20) Directed by Gabrielle Steenberger A dreamy poem, shot at night with a slow shutter speed, a dozen times until it was right.

Long for Beloved (3:00) Written & Directed by Haley Semian Being a father comes with some hard choices. Even if that means leaving your loved ones in order to give them a better life.

Storm Poem (2:46) Directed by Mark Sniadecki The act of art leads to a dream and the contemplation of image’s origins.

The Crow Invasion (3:04) Directed by Sophia Muston During winter months, a glance at trees in the Southeast neighborhood is bound to make you pause. No, those aren’t leaves, they’re crows! Find out more about the fascinating (and slightly creepy) birds.

En Avant (6:50) Directed by Katherine Crump Produced by Emily Ward With the help of a kind stranger, a young woman begins to learn how to move forward after her mother’s death. Filmed on location in Prague.

Love After Love (6:00) Written & Directed by Sanyam Dawar When someone dies, a part of the universe dies too. But death is not the end, only a beginning to something else­—perhaps even love.

The Truth Shall Not Sink (3:55) Directed & Produced by Eric Sang Koo Suh It has been four years after the wreckage of Sewol, an incident that no Koreans could ever recover from. Though the ship has gone underwater, Koreans will remain fighting for the justice of 300 innocent lives that were in the ship Sewol. The truth of wreckage won’t remain unsolved; the truth shall not sink with Sewol.

Artificial Constraints (5:05) Directed by Mark Sniadecki Life slips free of our imposed ideals, just as biology defies encapsulation by the laws of physics.

Circles (2:14) Directed by Jessie Grubb An exercise in make-overs, shot on black- and-white and color 16mm film, using stop motion and a matte box.

The Ultimate Sign (5:25) Written & Directed by Deonna Weatherly Assumptions can occasionally get you in trouble. But in this case, it’ll teach you lessons about humanity and not assuming if someone has “standard” human abilities, their sexuality, their interests, etc.

Pride of Paoli (1:54) Directed by Hannah Boufford The Pride of Paoli provides marching band members a place where they can be themselves and accept one another. The background track is the Pride of Paoli playing “Cadillac of the Skies.”

Special Thanks to: Susanne Schwibs, Jim Krause, Craig Erpelding, Margaret Dolinsky, Susan Kelly, Bonnie Layton, Chris Eller, Jon Vickers, Brittany D. Friesner, Barbara Grassia, Seth Mutchler, Jessica Davis Tagg, Carla Cowden, Caitlyn Stevens, and Kyle Calvert

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