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Each film will receive its world-premiere presentation. 

Program includes:

Three Moving Image Portraits (2:30)

Films by students in P335 Production as Criticism

Original Music and Sound Design: Larry Groupé   |   Sound Mix: Jared O’Brien

In the mid-1960s Andy Warhol created silent black-and-white films of fellow artists, friends, and iconic personalities—he called them “screen tests.” Like other works by Warhol, they interrogate what constitutes a work of art. At the same time, they are a documentary record of the people he placed in front of the camera. The “moving-image portraits” screened today adapt Warhol’s concept and present members of the IU community on black-and-white motion picture film. All were created as part of a Media School Bicentennial Course: Jonathan Banks was filmed by all students in the class, Joan Hawkins and Jon Vickers were filmed by Matt Lutz and Taylor Davis. Selected for this screening by Deonna Weatherly and Navdeep Sharma.

The Bicentennial Project “Moving Image Portraits and the Public Screen” is directed by Susanne Schwibs and Stephanie DeBoer with support from the IU Office of the Bicentennial.


Serenity (6:42)

Film: Katie Hodge   |   Original Music: Sami Copeland   |   Sound Design: Collin Reynolds

This film is a reflection of my life over the past year. After battling with physical illness, I wanted to tell a story that connected the mental and physical aspects of a character’s struggles. Serenity turns around a dancer’s choice between her passion and accepting her fate, and whether she can push through to the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember: life is about doing what you love. Adversity can’t hold you down.


Matters in the End (9:57)

Film: Evan O’Neal & Erik Romero   |   Original Music: Daniel Whitworth   |   Sound Design: Grace Leckey, Jozef Caldwell

This film is based on a bittersweet message of accepting loss—not everything is a happily-ever-after story. Adam is a strait-laced suburban who goes on an inner journey and encounters abandonment, robbery, desperation, and doom. He comes to understand that there are things is endlessly more amazing than the creations of man.


Pass Like Night (14:30)

Film: Ben Feldman & Alan Zhang   |   Original Music: Xing Fu   |   Sound Design: Aaron Mark Hoffman

This film started with the same feeling the old man suffers—fear. Could we manufacture a situation that dealt with that emotion and with the dread of knowing that we will fade away and die? We believed the film would be effective as a crime story of a disturbed young man, but we also wanted to leave room for a more abstract reading. We have never worked so hard on a film and hope that our intentions shine through. Contains mature content, including violence.




Within the Mirror (9:06)

Film: Nora McMahon & Helena Duarte   |   Original Music: August Fackler   |   Sound Design: Kellie McGrew

The idea for this film originated with an interest in mirror universes, psychedelic drugs, and the concepts of reality and temporality. We wanted to create a film that invites the viewer to challenge their own perceptions of reality, of the physical world, and of their own existence in space and time. This film contains flashing imagery. Contains mature content, including drug references.

Campus (6:56)

Film: Abby Malala & Chris Mura   |   Original Music: Yi-Zi Xu   |   Sound Design: Luke Cherchenko

Mallory and Sarah are best friends. That is, until Dylan shows up. Campus explores the confusing and tumultuous nature of young love through the characters of three college students that make their way through the world and through their relationships with each other. Contains mature content, including drug references.


StalkHer (9:50)

Film: Caleb Allison & Patrick Dieterlen   |   Original Music: Isaak Liu   |   Sound Design: Jack Ritter

To stalk someone is an intimate act of obsession. StalkHer explores what happens when that obsession is turned inward, toward the hidden personas, buried identities, and repressed desires we all harbor. Shot on super 8mm and digital, StalkHer embodies in form and content the dual nature in all of us. This film contains flashing imagery. Contains mature content, including sexual violence and disturbing imagery.


Come Home (9:32)

Film: Spencer Bowman & Andrew Torbenson   |   Original Music: Jake Cozza   |   Sound Design: Sloan Welsch

Come Home tells the story of an isolated undercover agent who finds community in the doomsday cult he is meant to be infiltrating. The film is presented in black-and-white, suggesting a bleak, timeless quality to our hero’s world, as well as an interest in contrasted values—good and bad, right and wrong, objective and subjective, community and individual. The film is divided into four chapters, each one providing a glimpse into our hero’s journey from physical experience grounded in reality to something more subjective and nonphysical, perhaps even bordering on fantastical.

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