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Each film will receive its world-premiere presentation. May contain mature content.


Power Through (4:28)

Film: Zack Berger  |  Music: Alex Price

I often find it hard to execute ideas for films. My fear of failure, as well as waiting for inspiration, frequently keep me from writing. Power Through represents this dilemma. It serves as a reminder to ignore my internal doubts and simply start creating. My goal was to showcase a symbol of inspiration but make it difficult for the protagonist to obtain. Additionally, I hoped to establish a clear character arc with little to no expositional dialogue.


Wheel Infernal (7:56)

Film: Zachary Cook & Tucker Piedmont  |  Music: Aaqil Abdullah

Have you ever had a grand idea? / A picture so perfect, and so crystal clear within your grasp?

   Try as you might to make your masterpiece... / …yet the pieces always collapse…

Trying again, and again, and again, / To please a critic, caged within.

   No emulation will eliminate a burning yearn,

   For the pursuit of perfection, / prevents perfection, always,

   from being born.


How to Let Go of the World (4:13)

Film: Alyssa Shipman  |  Music: CJ Barrow

I created this film to convey the burnout that many of us feel when trying to make the right choices for the environment. Often it seems like the “best” choice still isn’t enough. I don’t intend for the audience to feel hopeless, but rather that we must work with what we have while fighting for a better future.


Primordial Soup (4:13)

Film: Amelia Bailey-Schetlin  |  Music: Dragon Zhang

Primordial Soup deals with dualities in our existence, the yin, or feminine energies, and the yang, or masculine energies. While these are separate forces, they are connected as part of a larger oneness of the universe. I want to highlight the unity amongst separation as a mirror of the present state of our world, which forces division and separation. We can transition from seeing ourselves as individual bodies to one collective organism.


Persevere (4:00)

Film: Tyra Tran  |  Music: Yicheng Li

My film emphasizes the need for awareness. The awareness of our surroundings and the ones around us. As people we have more power than we know and that can be used for good or evil. I want my film to empower people to keep pushing forward, even in extreme situations when things feel hopeless, such as the one depicted in Persevere.


When Birds are Afraid of Heights (5:00)

Film: Sam Wichhart   |  Music: Alec Lubin

An exploration of vulnerability in a relationship. This film is a small look into the beginning of a new relationship, an experience that commonly comes with fear and hesitation. Moments of bliss can happen just as quickly as the feelings of dread when risking time with someone new.


Truth (3:05)

Film: Camila Miles  |  Music: ChengYu Ricky Kuo

This is a film about mental illness. It is common for people to seem okay when they are not, which is sad, unsettling, and can be triggering. I made Truth for myself as much as for others. I want people to know that they are not alone, and also that things don’t always get better. That's okay. Everything takes time and strength.


Half of Me (4:22)

Film: Jordan Iobbi  |  Music: Chloe Liuyan Liu

Half of Me explores a glimpse of a first-year college student’s struggle with their own well-being and stunted independence through a friendship with another student, a friendship that involves a friend who becomes completely dependent on her in getting through her daily life. Meanwhile, a dark figure is haunting the lives of students and pulling the invisible strings of how they live their lives.


Unbound (4:19)

Film: Mallorey Daunhauer  |  Music: Brandi Quinn

Unbound documents the day-to-day struggles of an individual living with an eating disorder and the damaging effects that her mental illness has on every aspect of her life. As she makes her way through the peaks and valleys of recovery, she rediscovers her real voice.


The Psychic (3:36)

Film: Drew Cortopassi  |  Music: Ebenezer Eferobor

The Psychic is a short film based on a poem by my grandmother. It explores the sometimes-alarming consequences of curiosity and questions the nature of evil, whether it can be located, explained, or measured on a binary scale. Evil is not always a far-away concept contained by war or violence, but an ever-present, highly pervasive force, seen in our living rooms or friends’ faces.


Toxoplasma Gondii (7:39)

Film: Jack Fahey & Han-Wei Hsing  |  Music: Alec Lubin

Our film explores the strange, gross, and destructive side of our mental states. The unknowns of our brains are endless and what lies underneath can be hidden from ourselves and others. Our inspirations come directly from films and scenes that made our stomachs turn and want to look away. We sought to create a simple but vivid story that relied heavily on a special blend of picture, sound, and music.


Escapade (4:12)

Film: Haynen Johnson  |  Music: Pierce Baruk

Escapade started with my passion for cinematography, photography, and color. It is a journey through the scope of one character’s day. Each scene is designed to invoke a different feeling using a combination of colors and musical composition. The various settings and scenes throughout the film aim to highlight the sensations of enjoying everyday moments.


Sound Design and Production: Dan Ahrendt, Ariana Bueno, Jordan Burger, Jack Fahey, Duncan Henderson, Han-Wei Hsing, Ryan Kaneko, Bo Eun Kwak, Olivia Lawson, Alec Lubin, Anna Malloy, Ian Miller, Sarah Paluszny, Gus Richter, Antonio Rosario, Maya Toffler, Garrett Treanor.


Ensemble Musicians:

Tyler Readinger, conductor

Olive Dorer, flute

Renae Dishman, clarinet

Evelyn Theinert, harp

Ethan Sherlock, percussion

Clara Manzano, violin

Elle Brockmole, cello

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