About Double Exposure 2023

Presenting original student work, Double Exposure is an innovative and collaborative program made possible through a partnership which brings together the Indiana University Student Composers Association, The Media School, Jacobs School of Music’s Music Scoring for Visual Media program, Audio Engineering and Sound Production, and IU Cinema. Each film will receive its world-premiere presentation.

With special thanks to: Susanne Schwibs, Larry Groupé, Chandler Bridges Jr, Steven Thomas, CJ Barrow, Sy Anderson, Graeme Culpepper, Konrad Strauss, IU Percussion Department, Jeremy Allen, Norbert Herber, Walt Gantz, Ansley Valentine, plus Alicia Kozma, Brittany D. Friesner, Elena Grassia, Seth Mutchler, Jessica Davis Tagg, Michaela Owens, and Kyle Calvert of the IU Cinema.

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.

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Even This (7 min)

Director: Avalon Husain  |  Music: Aaron Montreal  |  Sound Design: Aaqil Abdullah  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Max DiBella

I have always been particularly moved by bittersweet coming-of-age stories, complete with intelligent dialogue and evocative imagery. My film seeks to tell such a story inspired by experiences I was having in real time. Even This is the capturing of an age, an experience, and a season of life through my protagonist’s honest conversations and thoughtful reflection.


Lifetime of Solitude (7 min)

Director: Enrique Cazares  |  Music: Eli Denson  |  Sound Recordist: Louise Kern-Kensler  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Reese Wilson

As an artist, I like to focus on the intricate but beautiful relationships we all have within our lives. Some are mundane and others are not. However, the value of a relationship is imposed by us and that is exactly what I aimed to capture in my film.


Permanence (7 min)

Director: Jaicey Bledsoe  |  Music: Sy Anderson  |  Sound Design: Zach Mohr  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Chase Murray

Permanence is a story about life. It’s also a story about loneliness, hope, and perseverance. It explores how mental health often presents—or hides—itself in everyday life. My hope is this film sticks with viewers and encourages them to start or continue this conversation in their own lives.


Headspace (5 min)

Director: Sophia Haboush  |  Music: Karl Kim  |  Sound Design: Yimeng Wang  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Cory Schmitt

Headspace is an experimental film that expresses the feelings of anxiety and peace though composites of archival video and images. Taking inspiration from the principals and techniques of dada and surrealism, my film uses unorthodox techniques and focuses on the internal space. With collaboration between visuals, music, and sound design, we were able to create a world that depicts what the headspaces of anxiety and peace could be like.


Something at Work (6 min)

Director: Jacqueline Preston  |  Music: Xue Shen Qiu  |  Sound Design: Connor Rose  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Jacob Bauman

When a socially isolated woman wakes up to find that everyone else in the world has mysteriously disappeared, she learns to appreciate her own company. This film explores transformation and the parallels of isolation both within us and in the world around us.


Eldritch (10 min)

Director: Duke Moosbrugger  |  Music: Gabriel Priem  |  Sound Design: Ebenezer Eferobor  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Isaac Scheller

My most memorable viewing experiences come from horror films. Growing up, it was horror films that stuck with me long after leaving the theater. The foremost goal of filmmaking is to affect the audience, so much so that the feel an emotion as strong as fear. Eldritch chronicles a paranormal investigator’s journey through a seemingly abandoned home—he soon learns that there is something much more sinister at play. My film blends neo-noir and psychological horror aesthetics to deliver a story that relies on atmosphere and emotion to achieve a sense of terror that is both intimate and surreal.


Nonresident Alien (9 min)

Director: Khurram Sheikh  |  Music: Jun Jie (Edmund) Song  |  Sound Design: Ben Johnson  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Griffin Burge

Nonresident Alien is a short live-action film that captures the diasporic feeling of loss and belonging as a couple comes to terms with the reality of leaving their lives behind in the US to return to their country. Using a multilinear narrative, my film engages with the theme of nonimmigrant status through the nuances of a journey to the airport.


Soldier’s Kill (7 min)

Director: Carter Burkhart  |  Music: Gabriel Rojas  |  Sound Design: Ebenezer Eferobor  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Griffin Burge

I have always wanted to tackle the subject of the Second World War from my passion in film. Instead of trying to show the wide, bombastic spectacle of large battles, Soldier’s Kill shows the effects that war’s destruction has on the individual scale through one man experiencing a shattering event that has him confront and commit the worst action a man can do.


Ripples in Still Water (9 min)

Director: Narmeen Ijaz  |  Music: Ari Schwartz  |  Sound Design: Braden Marksberry  |  Music Editor/Re-recording Mixer: Roger Jia

This autoethnographic performance-based film was created collaboratively with Eboni Edwards, an African American student in an MFA Acting program. It focuses on her struggles to find a space for her artistic voice as a Black woman, a voice that does not conform to a traditional approach to acting. Note: This film contains challenging language that is not suitable for all ages and some audience members may find upsetting.


Additional Audio Team Credits: Chandler Bridges (Sound Supervisor); Roger Jia (Assistant Sound Supervisor); Reese Wilson (Foley Supervisor); Cory Schmitt (Foley Engineer); Griffin Burge (Sound Effects Supervisor); Chase Murray (Sound Effects Engineer); Max DiBella (Dialog Supervisor); Isaac Scheller (Dialog Editor); Jacob Bauman (Music Recording Supervisor).

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