About The Lost World

Not rated
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Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Silent/Live Accompaniment

In 1929, the 10-reel version of the 1925 film The Lost World—based on the 1912 Arthur Conan Doyle novel— effectively disappeared from circulation. All known positive prints were destroyed in a move by First National Pictures to help clear the way for another creature film utilizing special effects and cutting-edge animation techniques: King Kong. This visually stunning 2K restoration features newly discovered scenes and special-effect sequences, incorporating almost all original elements from archives and collections around the world. Follow Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) as he and a crew of curious explorers embark on an expedition in search of a mythical, prehistoric plateau in South America. The party is not there long before the “lost world” of the jungle begins to reveal its secrets: a primitive ape-man, a pterodactyl flying through the air, a massive brontosaurus feeding upon the trees, the vicious allosaurus, and many more monstrous beasts of the Jurassic age. 

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