About We Tell: Environments of Race and Place

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We Tell: Environments of Race and Place focuses on issues surrounding immigration, migration, and racial identity unique to a specific environment. These works embrace and enhance the micro rather than the macro, moving away from the national to the local and from the long-form, theatrical feature to the short-form documentary. Discussions of police brutality in Third World Newsreel’s Black Panther: Off the Pig or animations about toxic pollution made by the Indigenous youth media collective, Outta Your Backpack, expand conceptualizations of independent non-fiction work.


Films in this program include:

Black Panther: Off the Pig, 1967, Newsreel

Black Panther Party Buffalo Creek Flood, 1975, Appalshop

Mimi Pickering Black Women: Sexual Politics and the Revolutions, 1992, Not Channel Zero

Legends of Weresheep, 2007, Outta Your Backpack  

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