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Rich eccentric Frederick Loren (Vincent Price) has invited five strangers— a test pilot, a newspaper columnist, a psychiatrist, an employee at his company, and the owner of the house—over for dinner and a haunting. Each guest is instructed on the rules for the “party” and given a pistol for their protection. If they survive the evening of terror in the allegedly haunted mansion, they will depart with the experience of a lifetime and $10,000. The guest of honor is Loren’s estranged fourth wife Annabelle (Carol Ohmart), who he is convinced has devious and deadly gold-digging intentions. Meanwhile, Annabelle privately warns the other guests she believes Loren is the murdering type to be wary of, having offed his second and third wives. But who will survive the night? The film was made most famous by William Castle’s “Emergo” effect, a promotional gimmick for the film’s original theatrical release which employed a rigged pulley system near the film screen that propelled a plastic skeleton in a jump-scare flyover above the unsuspecting movie-going audience. The low-budget horror film’s enormous success inspired Alfred Hitchcock to attempt his own  version of a low-budget horror flick, resulting in Psycho.

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