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Not rated
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Silent/Live Accompaniment

Each film will receive its world-premiere presentation. The films in this program are unrated and may contain mature or even explicit content.

Program includes:

Fort Anderson (4:17)

Film: Bonnie Weinzapfel  |  Original Music: Graeme Culpepper   |   Sound Design: Ben Wesenberg

Fort Anderson is based on the poem “Anniversary” by Nancy Chen Long (from Wider than the Sky, Diode Editions, 2020). I wanted to explore the ideas of memory and loss as it is examined the poem. A memory can feed or ease the feeling of one’s loss.


Four Places (3:41)

Film: Sydney Scholl   |   Original Music: Evan Fontaine   |   Sound Design: Ben Wesenberg

For as long as I can remember, my efforts as an artist have all been attempts to remember, recreate, or understand the past. Four Places is a brief effort to recollect what happened and how things were before, working only with what fragments of memories are left in one’s head. Inspired by a poem by Lukas Cavar.


In the Dark (4:41)

Film: Stefan Buba |   Original Music: CJ Barrow   |   Sound Design: Anna Fagin

The plot of the film draws from the poem “In the Dark” by Patsy Rahn (from The Grainy Wet Soul, 2018). A teenage girl adventures into a forest where she becomes lost, confused, and terrified that she won’t find a way out. I made this film because I think nearly everyone is going through their own sort of forest where they may find themselves feeling lost, but in the end, you just have to keep moving forward.


Drifter (4:15)

Film: Zheng Guan   |   Original Music: Yuseok Seol   |   Sound Design: Matthew Teden

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Based on the poem “Intertidal” by Doris Lynch, Drifter tells the story of a couple’s failure to align their vision of love. There are two stages of love, and romantic passion always ignites the first. True love, however, needs more than this—it requires inner connection and external commitment. It is worth remembering the long arc, especially in modern fast-paced society, when everything can be defined by monetary value and quick success. 


Last Night on Earth (3:50)

Film: Xindong Yu   |   Original Music: Kunda Yu   |   Sound Design: Heoliny Jung

This is the truth in a doomsday context. What does the last night on earth mean to the last two people on earth? When people realize something beyond the meaning of existence, then existence loses its meaning. Not clinging to existence is more meaningful than existence. The film is based on the poem "last speakers of a dead language shut up" by Tony Brewer (Hot Type Cold Read, Chatter House Press, 2013).


Written on a Rest Stop Bathroom Stall Halfway Between Indianapolis and Wherever the Hell I’m At: A Study in Casual Sex During a Pandemic in the Digital Era (3:51)

Film: Nick Comer   |   Original Music: Alex Tedrow   |   Sound Design: Grace Lackey

Built upon fragments of plasticky imagery and forever suspended in 2006, this experimental film serves as an ambiguous and transgressive thesis on the United States’ perfunctory human disconnectedness born from the digital era and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This film asks one question: are these moments of digital intimacy a redefined form of authentic or just a masturbatory act and nothing more? Contains flashing imagery and sexual content.


Vampire (4:33)

Film: Simone Bassett   |   Original Music: Benjamin Rieke   |   Sound Design: Jack Fahey

For this film, I wanted to take the ancient trope of the vampire and put it in a new light, as an allegory for my own experiences with dysphoria and being transgender. In the classic stories, vampires are shunned as monsters by society, but my film asks you to sympathize with a vampire who didn’t want to be turned and becomes increasingly nauseated by his new life.


And Then Beyond (3:40)

Film: Yixuan Chen   |   Original Music: Xing Fu   |   Sound Design: Heoliny Jung

This film presents a subconscious state when we are missing someone. It reflects a flow of minds commonly ignored by our goal-oriented life. The protagonist’s emotion arises in his dream as he experiences prolonged time and breaks through spaces in dream. Based upon the poem of the same title by Antonia Matthew, the film respects the freedom of wandering moment and comfort one’s vacancy in reality.


Wind (3:52)

Film: Charlotte Luo   |   Original Music: James Kunselman   |   Sound Design: Joey Miller

“Click,” “delete,” and “pass”: three words that describe the life of a Beholder. The Beholder thinks his job is easy. He just has to sit at a computer and check documents every day, but he doesn’t seem to know how much impact this job will have... A word here, a phrase there, much has disappeared because of his “simple job.” Once everything is gone, what will become of the Beholder? Inspired by the poem “Who has seen the wind?” by Christina Rosetti.


Lost and Found (3:50)

Film: Wengi Zhao   |   Original Music: Dustin Ledgard   |   Sound Design: Matthew Teden

As she grieves over the loss of her boyfriend, Eli develops some self-destructive tendencies. She is traumatized but slowly realizes that she cannot change what happened. She needs to move on and take care of herself. Based on the poem “Last Cricket” by Eric Rensberger (from Account of My Days, ericrensbergerpoetry.net). Contains a comedic depiction of suicide.


Distortion (4:13)

Film: Mujin Zhang   |   Original Music: Alex Tedrow   |   Sound Design: Jack Fahey

I’m ardent and tolerant; I’m scalding and freezing. I create art from my life and my feeling so that my art can be realistic and vivid. The idea for my film Distortion came from the poem “Creation is such ( )” written by anqi four months after she lost her love. Her boyfriend committed suicide after they’ve planned their future. Distortion was made as a gift for anqi until she found a way to reconcile herself with his death.


Amici Novum (5:43)

Film: Alex Kopnick   |   Original Music: Daniel Cueto   |   Sound Design: Joey Miller

Amici Novum, loosely translating to “new friends,” is based on Walt Whitman’s poem “Are You the New Person Drawn Toward Me.” It explores the friendship between a stranded astronaut and an abandoned robot. Collaborators from across IU helped create this film and elevated it beyond what I could have imagined.

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