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When his on-air comments incite a tragedy, narcissistic ex-shock jock Jack (Jeff Bridges) becomes despondent until he meets Parry (Robin Williams), a homeless former university professor who believes it is his mission to find the Holy Grail. Realizing they share a heartbreaking connection, Jack hopes to redeem himself by helping Parry unite with Lydia (Amanda Plummer), the shy woman with whom he is smitten. A poignant blend of timeless fantasy, sweet romantic comedy, and devastating drama, Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King boasts evocative visuals, a witty script by Richard LaGravenese, and extraordinary, heartfelt performances, including Mercedes Ruehl’s Oscar-winning turn as Jack’s girlfriend Anne. [140 mins; drama, romance, fantasy; English]

“The search for the Holy Grail reaches peak insanity in this wild, redemptive ride through two men's interconnected lives.” – Kate Muir, The Times UK

“Gilliam exaggerates the romanticism, the grotesquerie, and the personal pain that runs through LaGravenese's story, creating a reality where the more preposterous turns make sense.” – Noel Murray, The Dissolve

“Gilliam is not a director who does things by halves, and The Fisher King is as funny and emotive as the best of his work. Indeed, it's the heightened humanity of this film that resonates the strongest.” – Christopher Machell, CineVue

Curated by Bernice Pescosolido of the Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research and the Irsay Institute, with support from IU Cinema. This partnership is supported through IU Cinema’s Creative Collaborations program.

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