About Double Exposure 2024

Presenting original student work, Double Exposure is an innovative and collaborative program made possible through a partnership which brings together the Indiana University Student Composers Association, The Media School, Jacobs School of Music’s Music Scoring for Visual Media program, Audio Engineering and Sound Production, and IU Cinema. Each film will receive its world-premiere presentation.

With special thanks to: Susanne Schwibs, Larry Groupé, Chandler Bridges Jr, Steven Wayne Thomas, Alex McGrath, Ansley Valentine, Abra Bush, David Tolchinsky, plus Alicia Kozma, Kyle Calvert, Jessica Davis Tagg, Brittany D. Friesner, Elena Grassia, Seth Mutchler, Monisha Mansukhani, Michaela Owens, Grayson Pettit, and Elizabeth Roell.

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.



Director: Nate Linville  |  Music: Gexuan An

A cinematic drone piece that highlights the beautiful landscapes of nearby Hoosier National Forest and Bloomington’s Griffy Lake, Lake Monroe, and Harris Ford Bridge. A casual stroll through nature is all you need to reset the mind and heal the soul. Contains rapid transitions, flashes, and quick movements of drone footage.



Director: Madeleine Swift  |  Music: Roberto Aravena, Jr.

Poser handles the doppelgänger motif in a refreshing way that nods to other elements traditionally associated with the horror genre such as found footage and the corrupted individual. My goal with this film primarily serves to illustrate the illusion of safety as the unknowns of the past seep into the present while showcasing moments of inspiration found across 2000s horror. Contains VHS-style glitches and flashes.


With Love Comes Loss

Director: David Woods  |  Music: Gan Yang

Since I first began writing this project, it has evolved in ways I never saw coming. It aims to explore the art of storytelling by pushing the boundaries of my own comfort zone. It has challenged me and taught me in ways I didn’t expect. Above all, this project is a display of passion from the many talented collaborators that helped bring it to life. Contains violence and bright flashes.


20 Years

Director: Paige Falcon |  Music: Nathan Dillon

For most, birthdays are the best day of the year, but for some it’s a day filled with dread. 20 Years captures the nuances of birthdays, friendship, and the unexpected joys that emerge in the passage of time, while encouraging viewers to reflect on their own lives and appreciate those who make our time on this earth worthwhile. Contains mature language.


With a Friend

Director: Tessa Haag  |  Music: Tyler Kowal

This is a film exploring grief, acceptance, and the process of moving forward. Everyone does these things in different ways, and I wanted to capture how memories can be a crucial part of this process. In my experience with grief, memories have held me back and also helped me move forward with my life.


The Unattainable Standard

Director: Saniya Patel  |  Music: Linlin Wang

This film puts a spotlight on the art that is ballet and the complex artistry and technique of ballet dancers. Three ballet students from the IU Jacobs School of Music share insights about their journey and hardships with the dance. While remaining true to their stories, I aim to portray the poetic side of ballet and the nature of dance which is as elegant as it is challenging.



Director: MaxDiBella & MaxDiFrisco  |  Music: Aneas Douglas

Remembering an old relationship is much harder than it sounds. Every memory is wrapped up with emotion, grief, and the knowledge of what happens after. All your best and worst times would bounce back and forth—like flippers bounce a pinball. If you had to remember your time with someone all at once, how would it look? Contains flashing colorful lights from the pinball machine.


Detective LaBounty and the Mystical Murdered Mistress

Director: Graham Hastings  |  Music: Niko Slaughter

I’ve always had a fascination with absurdist comedy. To me, comedy can transcend genres and create something ingenious. Many action films these days flirt with the idea of extremist violence giving way to a polarizing split reaction: shock and awe or chuckles and laughter. Like the Looney Tunes classics, my film seeks to explore those reactions through a detective who doesn’t have it easy—but would rather die before he quits the profession he loves. Contains over-the-top action and physical violence.


The Lady of Shalott

Director: Lilly Luse  |  Music: Shixin Zhang

A young woman trapped in a tower is cursed to weave at a loom for eternity, isolated from everyone with only an enchanted mirror to cast mere reflections of the outside world. She knows that if she turns from the mirror to look at the real world through her own eyes, the curse will fall with fatal consequences. One day, she takes her life into her own hands.


Lake Monroe

Director: Florence Chappell  |  Music: Xinyu (Doris) Liu

An exploration into the violent forces that undergird human society. How different are we really from the animals we call savage? How do we manage the cognitive dissonance required to distance ourselves from our primal nature? How loosely are our conceptions of humanity constructed, and what happens when that conception is stripped and laid bare for everyone to see? What motivates men to act against one another? Contains graphic violence and bodily harm to people.


A Distant Relative

Director: Vlada Lodesk  |  Music: Arda Turhan

A playful portrait of an actress who investigates an unusual role and a filmmaker who searches for a home. The film juxtaposes the warmth of the filmmaker's memories with the challenges of being far from home, capturing the bittersweet essence of her experience. It is an exploration of familiar and unfamiliar, longing and belonging, and the universal ties that connect us all.


Hear, After

Director: Rob Bola  |  Music: Adam Schreiber

Hear, After is a memorial to my mother who passed away last June, but it’s also a film that aims to be curious and adventurous through its acting, camerawork, and musical scoring. Although grief is a component, the film is more than just a meditation on sadness. We strove to provide a visceral and engaging experience, seeking to capture the mysteries and wonder of both life… and the hereafter. Contains flashing lights and images.

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