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In his follow-up to the Oscar-winning The English Patient, writer/director Anthony Minghella tried his hand at another tricky literary adaptation with The Talented Mr. Ripley, featuring '90s heartthrob Matt Damon cast against type as a bisexual murderer. A bright and charismatic sociopath making his way in mid-1950s NYC through menial work and petty scams, Tom Ripley is hired through a case of mistaken identity by a shipping magnate to bring back his loafing son, Dickie (Jude Law), from a too-long extended Italian vacation with his girlfriend, Marge (Gwyneth Paltrow). Tom soon finds that he'd rather be Dickie than bring him home and makes an impulsive decision with no return. The three enigmatic leads are buoyed by indelible supporting performances from Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman. [139 min; crime, drama, thriller; English and Italian with English subtitles]

"This thriller is so expertly—and perversely—poised that audience members may find themselves secretly rooting for the duplicitous Ripley." — Bob Graham, San Francisco Chronicle

"Based on Patricia Highsmith's novel, Anthony Minghella's adaptation is as haunting as it is entertaining. While watching this mysterious work, you may feel as if you are encountering the ghosts of Hitchcock and Dostoevsky—and justifiably so." — Dan DiNicola, The Daily Gazette

"A dark film that raises more questions than it answers—and it's meant to." — Ernest Hardy, Film.com

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