About In the Mood for Love/Fa yeung nin wah

In the sleepy, proper Hong Kong of 1962, Mrs. Chan and Mr. Chow, a journalist, move into neighbouring apartments on the same day. Their encounters are formal and polite—until a discovery about their respective spouses creates an intimate bond between them. [99 min; romance, drama; Cantonese with English subtitles]

"In the Mood is a love story told from the point of impact, at the heart, and no conventional resolution could be more profound." — Jack Matthews, New York Daily News

"So skillfully does the director bring us to a state of breathless expectation that when he refuses to deliver the goods he almost seems to have invented a new form of perversion." — David Denny, New Yorker

"Wong Kar-wai’s masterpiece stands the taste of time with its lush cinematography by Christopher Doyle and Mark Lee Ping-bing setting the tone for its melancholy story of loss, betrayal, and loneliness." — Brian Susbielles, InSession Films

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