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A lacerating biopic of Jake LaMotta, the middleweight boxing champion who was known as “The Bronx Bull” and “The Raging Bull” during his brief reign. LaMotta had early lessons in life: to steal and to fight. He channelled his tough childhood into the ring, where his aggression became a way of combating deep-seated anxieties and emotional fears. This determination and rage turned him from a young hoodlum into a champion. But his drive for the title, his brutality outside of the ring, and his almost-psychotic sexual jealousy will destroy his marriage, his deepest friendships, and the career he fought to build. [129 min; biography, drama; English]

"It’s the impassioned work of a filmmaker, freshly emerged from a near-fatal drug overdose in September 1978, who’s asking huge questions about self-hatred, guilt, the punishment of the human body and the will to survive." — Kevin Maher, Times (UK)

"This is a masterpiece. It proves that a film can have violent undertones and overtones, but still illuminate and comment upon violence in a moving, poetic and profound way." — Bruce McCade, Boston Globe

"The performances are riveting and the visuals are stunning. The boxing sequences are brutally realistic ... and the humanity oozes out of every scene." — Michael Bertin, The Austin Chronicle

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