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Recovering from a traumatic hostage situation, Teresa's husband convinces her to travel to their family farm to take refuge from urban violence. But there, they face a revolt by local workers, who've just been informed they'll soon be losing their homes to construction of a luxury resort. A violent standoff ensues, which is stalled when Teresa locks herself in her armored car that she is unable to start. A different spin on the home invasion genre, cinematographer Pedro Sotero (Bacarau) creates a claustrophobic, pulse-pounding thriller that's impossible to forget. [100 min; drama, thriller; English and Portuguese with English subtitles]

"Daniel Bandeira’s thriller is gripping and yet deeply unsettling as Teresa and the farm workers are brought further and further to extremes in their fight for survival. The film barrels towards an ending that feels inevitable. Perhaps it is a reflection of the only true conclusion to the extreme class divides, an explosion of violence and an undecided future." — Rose Finlay, KinoCritics.com

"Property is ingenious for its simple premise, one which allows various complications stemming from social hierarchies to be critiqued head-on, with a mix of hard-hitting realism and tongue-in-cheek humor." —Eamon Tracy, Irish Film Critic

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