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In Christopher Nolan’s twisting tale of obsession and ambition, a pair of talented magicians (Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman) feud after their partnership ends in a tragic failure on stage. Battling one another to become the greatest magician of all time, the rivals endanger the lives of everyone around them as they distort truth for the sake of illusion. [130 min; drama; English]

"It's quite a movie—atmospheric, obsessive, almost satanic." — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"An example of old-fashioned storytelling, the kind of magical movie that could have been made fifty years ago and, consequently, will still be watched fifty years from now." — Brian Tallerico, UGO

"Odd, but brilliantly so. It's a small film that feels big, a period drama that looks modern, defying comparison to anything but Nolan himself." — Dan Jolin, Empire Magazine

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.

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