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Angel Ellis, reporter for Mvskoke Media in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, is just trying to do her job and give her readers access to all the information relevant to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. But that’s not an easy task, given that Angel and her colleagues believe in truth and transparency and aren't afraid to challenge the integrity of some questionable tribal officials. Fast-forward to a confusing whirlwind of an emergency session at the National Council, where the 2015 Free Press Act is repealed, Mvskoke Media's independent editorial board is dissolved, and the newspaper is placed under the direction of the Secretary of the Nation and Commerce. Now the real fight begins. Winner of the Sundance 2023 U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award. [98 min; documentary; English and Mvskoke with English subtitles]

"The perfect illustration of what happens when you dismantle the Fourth and Fifth Estates and wind up putting democracy in peril, and it’s something everyone in America should be worried about right now." — Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

"You don't have to spend your life grinding out blogs about local politics to love this paean to the press, a cry we need to hear from every corner of the country." — Rich Smith, The Stranger

"A top-tier portrayal of newsroom life and investigative reporting. It’s also an interesting look into the complex relationship between Indigenous journalists and their communities." — Abby Olcese

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