About Early Works/Rani radovi

Influenced by the writings of Karl Marx, three men and a young woman embark on a mission to awaken the class consciousness of peasants and workers in the countryside. Lacking sophistication, determination, and morale, their revolutionary aims flounder and the young woman is sacrificed as witness to this failed attempt. The winner of the Golden Bear at the 19th Berlin International Film Festival in 1969, Early Works critically explores the revolutionary mood of 1968 and its aftermath in Yugoslavia. [87 min; drama; Serbian with English subtitles]

A Q&A with filmmaker Želimir Žilnik and Pavle Levi, Professor of Fine Arts and Film and Media Studies at Stanford University, will follow the screening.

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.

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