About When Evil Lurks/Cuando acecha la maldad

When brothers Pedro and Jimi discover that a demonic infection has been festering in a nearby farmhouse—its very proximity poisoning the local livestock—they attempt to evict the victim from their land. Failing to adhere to the proper rites of exorcism, their reckless actions inadvertently trigger an epidemic of possessions across their rural community. Now they must outrun an encroaching evil as it corrupts and mutilates everyone it is exposed to, and enlist the aid of a wizened "cleaner," who holds the only tools that can stop this supernatural plague. [99 min; horror; Spanish with English subtitles]

"A possession thriller unlike any that you’ve likely seen before... It's one of the boldest, most viscerally intense, and unpredictable horror movies of the year." — Alex Welch, Inverse

"When Evil Lurks is a shocking yet highly accomplished horror film, and Rugna’s name is one that demands to be up there with Cronenberg, Romero, Carpenter and Argento—this is a true master of the genre." — Alexandra Heller-Nichols, AWFJ

"At no point in When Evil Lurks will the viewer feel like this is a bad film." — Charles Barfield, The Playlist

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.

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