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In 1954, James Wong Howe became the first person of color to helm a major studio release with his directorial feature debut Go, Man, Go! The film focuses on the story of Jewish entrepreneur Abe Saperstein (Dane Clark) and is a dramatic retelling of the formation of the basketball-based entertainment group The Harlem Globetrotters. Featuring Patricia Breslin as Sylvia Saperstein, along with early roles for Ruby Dee and Sidney Poitier, the film includes actual footage of the Globetrotters playing in Madison Square Garden.

The film's screenwriter and producer Alfred Palca was blacklisted during the making of the film and refused to cooperate with the FBI. In order to sign a distributor for the film, Palca was forced to reduce his profile, giving the producing credit to Anton Leader, his brother-in-law, and the screenwriting credit to Arnold Becker, his cousin. In 1997, Palca's screenwriting credit was restored. [82 min; drama, sports; English]

"A lively little independent picture ... Spiced with a lot of colorful action by the actual stars of the famous ball-juggling team, this effort rates solid approval as a creditable professional sports romance." — Bosley Crowther, The New York Times, 1954

"Howe begins with a montage of the team barnstorming around the Midwest, playing in barns and swimming pools when no court is available. A sequel of sorts to 1951’s The Harlem Globetrotters, also penned by Palca, Go, Man Go! is at its best when showing off the Globetrotters’ skills on the hardwood." — Marty McKee

"For spectator purposes, the real heroes are the famed hams of the hardwood themselves: Marques Haynes, who proves with his incredible dachshund dribble that if the modern basketball giant cannot be passed over he can be passed under, and Goose Tatum, who at one point, standing flat on his feet, wiggles so disconcertingly that an opponent stumbles and almost falls down." — Time Magazine, 1954

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