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From two-time Palme d'Or-winners Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Tori and Lokita is a heart-stopping thriller that  casts an unflinching eye on the trials of the young and dispossessed. [88 min; drama; French and Italian with English subtitles]

Terra Mater | Dir. Kantarama Gahigiri | 2023 | Switzerland, Rwanda | Not Rated | DCP: Technology and waste, in our lands, our systems, our bones. Wandering our spaces, the Earth Spirit cannot help but wonder, where is the space for healing? [10 min; drama; English and Swahili with English subtitles]

A Q&A with Dr. Beth Samuelson (IU School of Education), Dr. Amadou Beidy Sow (IU African Studies Program), and Ibrahim Odugbemi (IU Media School) will follow the screening. This event is co-sponsored by the African Studies Program.

"An almost unbearably tense, lo-fi thriller that carries with it a stern, solemn moral weight. Long into a storied career, the Dardennes are making work as relevant and probing as ever." — Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

"Brings to light the personal stories of people relegated to the shadows of mainstream society—and the bureaucratic decisions, made with an inhuman indifference, that result in their misery." — Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne specialize in social realism, unwaveringly committed to their characters and craft, and Tori and Lokita is no exception." — Maxwell Rabb, Chicago Reader

Any film screened at IU Cinema may contain content that viewers find sensitive or upsetting. Visit our Audience Advisories page to learn more.

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