About Jordan Belson - Films Sacred and Profane

Year Released:
Multiple Years
Animation, Experimental
Image from Allures (c) Jordan Belson, courtesy Center for Visual Music.

Presented in association with Center for Visual Music, this program includes Caravan, Séance, Allures, Re- Entry, Samadhi, Momentum, Chakra, Light, Cycles, Music of the Spheres, and Epilogue. Jordan Belson was a pioneer of abstract filmmaking who fused his interests in physics, astronomy, psychology, Buddhism, and other spiritual belief systems into more than 30 films that step past questions of meaning and interpretation into direct visceral and spiritual engagements with viewers. This program features rarely screened films and new preservation prints. Epilogue (2005) is a distillation of sixty years of visionary images synchronized to a symphonic tone poem by Rachmaninoff, and more.

Program was co-curated by Jordan Belson and Cindy Keefer.
(16mm and digital presentation)

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