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Oganigwa explores the trado - cultural practices and relationships in rural Nigeria, and highlights the dependence on the gods in determining good and evil. A village prince must choose a wife, and through dance and rhythmic expression, the single women of the village must reveal their femininity and readiness for womanhood. The royal mothers position their daughters to be chosen as the next queen. When the prince chooses a girl of low lineage, mothers plot to discredit her purity. The girl is led to the grove of Oganigwa, for the all-knowing and powerful deity of justice to determine her fate. But Oganigwa is a just deity and good must triumph over evil. Strange things begin to happen in the village and justice comes to rule – but what will happen with the prince and the maiden that stole his heart?
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Axe of Vengeance
Axe of Vengeance, an exhibition at the Grunwald Gallery of Art, features hand painted posters created to advertise Hollywood, Bollywood, Kung Fu, Nollywood and Ghanaian films circulating in Ghana during the 1980s and 1990s. The posters and the venues where they were shown have become obsolete, as viewing has shifted from makeshift theaters to in-home film viewing. The exhibit features a recreation of a traditional cinematic space and viewing experience where visitors can view the films Isakaba Boys, Secret Adventure, The Snake Girl, and Oganigwe. IU Cinema will present two films from this era. This exhibit is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, Themester, Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts, History Department, African Studies Program, and Black Film Center/Archive. Special thanks to Marissa Moorman, Betsy Stirratt, Bob Smith, Carmela Garritano and Fred Amata.

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