About An Inn at Tokyo

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Considered one of Ozu’s masterpieces, the film follows a father and his two sons who go on the road to look for work after being abandoned by his wife. They find comfort and companionship in another transient ensemble – a widow and her daughter. Ozu resisted the pressures of the studios to make ‘talkies’, feeling that there was something unnatural about the music and sound effects added to the medium. The film is considered ‘neorealist’ for its rendering of scenes of the Great Depression in Tokyo. (35mm presentation)

The film is being accompanied by recorded music and a narrative performance by Benshi Kataoka Ichiro.


The screening is part of the Themester film series, as well as the East Asian Film Series and the International Arthouse Series. It is sponsored by East Asian Studies Center and IU Cinema, with support from Themester, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Communication and Culture, the Center for the Study of Global Change, and IU Cinema. Special thanks to Professor Stephanie DeBoer.

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Thurs, Jan 21, 7 pm