About Bounce Ko-Gals

Year Released:
Comedy, Drama
Lisa, a Japanese-American 16 year old, is leaving Tokyo for New York in the morning. Wanting extra money for her trip, she is offered a series of seedy opportunities on the streets of Japan. After a few failed attempts at fast cash, she connects with Raku and Jonko, who are fellow high school students, but also seasoned veterans of the thriving sex club scene. Lisa’s two new friends take her under their wings to help her earn the money she was hoping for, as well as elude the Yakuza, who now have an interest in the girls’ affairs. The girls’ ability to move in and out of the seedy underworld carefree, with school-girl giggles, is what holds audiences spellbound. Japanese language with English subtitles. (Digital Presentation)

The screening is part of the Themester film series, as well as the East Asian Film Series and the International Arthouse Series. It is sponsored by East Asian Studies Center and IU Cinema, with support from Themester, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Communication and Culture, the Center for the Study of Global Change, and IU Cinema. Special thanks to Professor Stephanie DeBoer.

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