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As Chuck Workman’s documentary Visionaries demonstrates, the 1960s underground cinema was a remarkably varied and innovative body of filmmaking. These three films act as accompaniment to Workman’s film, giving a more in-depth sense of the riches that movement has to offer. Anticipation of the Night is one of Stan Brakhage’s most important films, signaling a desire to make filmmaking into a purely first-person practice. Castro Street is a key film from the west coast underground, an abstraction of one street in Richmond, California. Fuses is Carolee Schneemann’s sumptuous rendering of lovemaking, employing a myriad of techniques, including painting, scratching, and weathering film, to produce a highly erotic and playful film. Note that Fuses contains explicit sexual imagery.

Castro Street, Directed by Bruce Baillie, (1966, 10 minutes)

Fuses, Directed by Carolee Schneemann, (1965, 18 minutes)

Anticipation of the Night, Directed by Stan Brakhage,  (1958, 42 minutes)

(16mm presentation)


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