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Legendary Hungarian director, Béla Tarr, has no contemporary equal.  In preparation for the release of his new film, The Turin Horse, we present his surreal epic that takes place in a small town on the Hungarian Plain. In the bitterly cold weather, hundreds of people gather around a circus tent in the main square, to see the chief attraction, the stuffed carcass of a real whale.  This draws crowds from neighboring villages and this bizarre state of affairs disturbs the order of the small town. The film is based on the novel The Melancholy of Resistance, by László Krasznahorkai, a long-time collaborator on Béla Tarr’s most important films.

(35mm presentation, Hungarian language with English subtitles)

Totalitarianism in 20th-Century Europe – Films from Hungary
This film screening is sponsored by Central Eurasian Studies, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, and the Russian and East European Institute. Special thanks to professors Lynn Hooker and László Borhi.

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Tues, Jan 25, 7 pm